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Huge mistakes you can make when choosing an estate agent

One of the biggest decisions you will make when you sell your home is choosing the right estate agent to get your house sold. There is a wealth of choice, from high-street estate agents to those working online; from big national companies to local independent estate agents, such as ourselves. You may think that this […]

Why Savvy Buy-to-Let Landlords Don’t Use 10-Year Mortgages

And the reason you shouldn’t either We know of many buy-to-let landlords who fell into property investing by accident. Many didn’t want to sell their family home when the housing market crashed in the Credit Crunch of 2009/10, yet still needed to move (often for work). They thought they would keep their family home in […]

What to keep and ditch when selling your home

We know that when you decide to put your property on the market, the process can feel overwhelming – especially as it can be full of uncertainty. Where do you start?  What do you need to do to your home to make sure it doesn’t linger on the market?  Take this as your quick guide to […]

Can you help yourself to a speedy sale?

There is one thing we know: no two sales are the same. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, there are always issues you don’t expect and complications to overcome. Control is not always in your hands, which can make the process feel very frustrating.  Having the right team around you is essential, but you […]

The Cost Of House Building Is On The Rise, But What’s Causing It?

The costs of building a home have shot up significantly in the last 12 months, meaning the price of new homes and any building works you do to your home in the coming months and years could be a lot higher. The British house building profession is experiencing a building materials supply problem. Everything from […]

The bitter pills you may have to swallow when selling your home

No matter how vibrant the property market, selling your home is always a challenge. There are some things about your property that you won’t be able to change, which could mean you have some bitter pills to swallow when your home goes on the market. Just like life, there can be unexpected surprises during the […]

Is A Property Price Correction On The Way?

Looking at the national figures, many people were concerned the UK property market was overheating as spring saw annual growth of 9.9%, the highest rate of house price growth documented since June 2007 (when national house prices were rising by 10.8% pa). It was only a matter of a few months later the Credit Crunch hit, and the […]

Spellbound: The power of buying a home

When it’s time to start looking to buy a home, it’s as though there’s a hidden magical power that takes over you, as if you’re under a spell. Your dreams are filled with homes and your favourite interiors and you become fascinated with the strangest things, door handles. Finding that place to call home is […]

Let’s Discuss This: Estate Agent Fees

Recently I have come across a range of agents offering very low fees or reducing them too quickly to ‘win’ an instruction. I started doing some research on the UK estate agency fees and what we typically charge.  Outside of London the standard fee is 1% + VAT and with the average house price being […]

How Eco-friendly are Portsmouth Homes?

And how new Government rules will mean draughty low-eco Portsmouth homes will drop in value. ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’, was the song that Kermit sang on Sesame Street. Yet now being green is a normal way of life for most of us. Walking or cycling places instead of taking the car, recycling and even […]


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Why do I need an estate agent when selling my home?

Hot, hot, hot! We’re not describing the weather we had a few days ago (but hasn’t it been amazing?), we’re talking about the UK property market right now.  With a fast and vibrant market such as this, it could be easy to believe that any home will sell as long as you put it on […]

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