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Will the cost of living crisis affect house prices?

There is a wealth of uncertainty at the moment, and one of the major worries for households up and down the country is the impact of the cost of living crisis. Everyday essentials have risen astronomically, everything from fuel to food and energy, and therefore you may have heard a variety of different opinions on […]

How to prepare your home for a viewing

The viewing is where the magic happens, the time where potential buyers, who have bottled up their hopes and dreams, get to experience the reality of your home. No doubt, they will have devoured the photographs, been addicted to the video and scrutinised the floor plan, which is why your property has made their cut […]

NEXA Have Been Shortlisted For The ESTAS 2022!

We are thrilled to have achieved the ‘Standard of Excellence’ to make The ESTAS shortlist for 2022! The team have been recognised for delivering outstanding customer service to its clients, making the shortlist of The ESTAS – the biggest award scheme in the UK residential property industry. The ESTAS honours the best, agents, conveyancers and […]

Has the Property Market Peaked? Should you buy now or wait for the bargains…

• Many commentators believe we have seen the peak of the property market. • So, should savvy bargain hunters wait for house prices to fall? • Or could postponing your house buying for any anticipated house price drop be a costly mistake? Over the last two years, the property market has been a rollercoaster ride […]

What Is Coming For The Property Market in 2022?

According to some newspapers and pundits, the property market boom could soon be over with the increasing interest rates and inflation.   In this article, we share the 3 fundamental economic reasons why things are different to the last property market crash.   The insider’s way to find out if there will be a property […]

How to add value to your garden to help sell your home

Summer is quickly approaching, and we long for those fine days where we can enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoying our gardens again. Gardens have a huge role to play when selling your home. The space you have at the front of your home is responsible for that all important first impression. Your main garden […]

How to cope with the stressful stages of moving home

You have so many emotions wrapped up in changing address: there could be feelings of sadness saying goodbye, combined with the excitement of your new home. Moving home is full of highs and lows and just when you think you are coming to the end, you have one of the most of stressful stages to […]

Portsmouth Homeownership Rockets by 4,390 Homes in the Last 5 Years

  The Portsmouth housing market over the last five years has behaved oddly.   Portsmouth house prices are 23.2% higher than in 2017, even though during those five years, the British economy had the uncertainty of Brexit and the massive fall in GDP during the pandemic.   Yet, a less observed trend is that the […]

Which DIY upgrades will add value to your home?

Spring is upon us. It’s also the season of bank holiday weekends, which for many of us means a chance to do some DIY and upgrade our home. You want to ensure any changes you make create a better environment for your family but also add value to your home should you decide to sell […]

41,955 Portsmouth Terraced Houses Why Are They So Popular?

The terraced house is one of the most familiar styles of home in Portsmouth (and the UK as a whole). 42.2% of Portsmouth people live in a terraced home, interesting when compared with the national average of 22.7%. So, what is it about the humble terraced/townhouse us Brits love so much? In this article, we […]

Huge Drop in Council Houses in the Last 40 Years

The ability of local authorities to build council houses came into law in July 1919 with the 1919 Housing and Town Planning Act. It was one of the most important pieces of domestic legislature passed after WW1 and was the first time in the UK that a nationally public funded system of providing homes was […]

Why choose NEXA?

At first glance there are many agents to pick from when deciding to buy, sell, let, or rent. So how do you know who is right for you? In this article, we provide a clear summary of how NEXA is providing a different approach to estate agency… Like an estate agent. Only much better.  WHAT […]

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