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Spellbound: The power of buying a home

When it’s time to start looking to buy a home, it’s as though there’s a hidden magical power that takes over you, as if you’re under a spell. Your dreams are filled with homes and your favourite interiors and you become fascinated with the strangest things, door handles. Finding that place to call home is […]

Let’s Discuss This: Estate Agent Fees

Recently I have come across a range of agents offering very low fees or reducing them too quickly to ‘win’ an instruction. I started doing some research on the UK estate agency fees and what we typically charge.  Outside of London the standard fee is 1% + VAT and with the average house price being […]

How Eco-friendly are Portsmouth Homes?

And how new Government rules will mean draughty low-eco Portsmouth homes will drop in value. ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’, was the song that Kermit sang on Sesame Street. Yet now being green is a normal way of life for most of us. Walking or cycling places instead of taking the car, recycling and even […]


Welcome to June’s Residential Market Report, where we cover the following topics: Key Statistics Residential Market Overview Transactions Regional Review ‘The Property Market Boom’ Blog CLICK HERE TO READ THE RESIDENTIAL MARKET REPORT

Why do I need an estate agent when selling my home?

Hot, hot, hot! We’re not describing the weather we had a few days ago (but hasn’t it been amazing?), we’re talking about the UK property market right now.  With a fast and vibrant market such as this, it could be easy to believe that any home will sell as long as you put it on […]

Worried about completing before the Stamp Duty holiday deadline? Here’s what to do.

The Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) holiday extension, announced in March, offered relief to buyers and sellers fearful of missing the deadline. With the revised Stamp Duty deadline (31st June 2021) fast approaching, completing in time could still be tight – especially given the current backlogs in the conveyancing process. So what can buyers and […]

Your Sellers Guide

Making the decision to sell your home may seem daunting. To help make things clearer, we have created a simple seller’s guide that takes you through each step of the selling journey. Step 1: Consider your finances Firstly, you want to know how much your home is worth, so you can then calculate how much […]

Could Portsmouth landlords be fined with the new energy regulations?

31% of Portsmouth landlords could be fined £5,000 each with the new energy regulations, whilst the possible new mortgage rules for Portsmouth homeowners would make it harder to sell their draughty old properties. As the UK has committed to a legally binding target to be carbon neutral by 2050, one of the biggest producers of […]

Will the Property Market Continue to Boom?

‘UK Property Prices Rising at Record Levels’ is the headline of many newspapers. In the last few weeks, Halifax reported they had grown by 6.5% in the last 12 months, whilst Nationwide said 7.1% and not to be outdone, the Government’s own Land Registry said 8.6%. Nothing new there then, you might think, don’t UK […]

FOMO: Hot tips for buying a house in today’s market

If you’re looking to buy a house at the moment you may have a ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ (FOMO), and who could blame you? With a distinct lack of properties on the market and an abundance of buyers all wanting to find a home, it’s like the Wild West out there on the housing front. […]

NEXA Properties shortlisted as one of the top property firms in the UK

NEXA Properties has been recognised for delivering outstanding customer service to its clients, making the shortlist of The ESTAS – the biggest award scheme in the UK residential property industry. The ESTAS honours the best agents, conveyancers, and mortgage advisors in the UK. The awards are powered by the ESTAS online customer review platform, which […]

Your Buyers Guide

Step 1: Thinking about buying a home Approximately 86% of people in the UK want to own their own homes. But, before you can jump into being the owner of your new property, you need to check how much you can afford. It is at this early stage that you will want to speak to […]

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