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Five important questions to ask before buying a house

When you begin your search for a new home, it is an exciting time. You can easily get swept away with the romance of finding your dream home. Failing to ask specific questions could see you losing time and money, and even leave you with buyers’ remorse. At NEXA we want to ensure that when […]

Overvaluing or a slowing market? The statistics you need!

As everyone has been hearing, the property market has been thriving for the last 18 months. It has been very much a seller’s market, especially in 2021. Yet as we enter the second quarter of 2022, we have noticed a slight rebalancing of the property market, more towards buyers, something that is good news for […]

How Will Rising Inflation Affect the Property Market in 2022?

The UK is currently experiencing its highest inflation rate since the early 1990s. This increase in prices has primally come about by the combination of an increase in demand for goods and services from consumers following lockdown last year together with global supply chain disruptions. Most economists weren’t too concerned about this increase in the […]

How to fight against home-buyer burnout

The property market over the last couple of years has been described by many as a frenzy – with house prices soaring, buyers aplenty and a lack of homes on the market, finding a property, and subsequently securing one, is a complete challenge. Having spoken to many buyers recently, we can understand why many are […]

What are the top moving home questions according to Google?

Great advice when moving home. Stress is something that is a given when you are moving home, so the more information you have the easier and calmer it can be. There are many places you can ask for advice from experts – friends who have moved, estate agents, removal companies, and Google! 145,200 Google searches […]

1 in 37 homes are sitting empty in the Portsmouth area

• 2,514 homes in the Portsmouth area are empty, which represents 1 in 37 homes. • 1,155 of those have been empty for more than six months and are worth £262million. • Why are those properties standing empty and deteriorating and why could that become an issue for the whole of Portsmouth? A couple of […]

Household Heating Bills Set For Major Increase

The energy bills of every UK resident will rise in April as the price cap increases to account for the global increase in the cost of gas. Those not on the gas mains will still be hit as the UK uses gas to make 45% of its electricity. So, what can people do to reduce […]

Do I really need a for sale sign when selling my home?

Not everyone loves a for sale sign outside their home, and as you venture around your local area, you will see a variety of property boards, but, as common as they are, not everyone wants to have a for sale sign outside their home. People have a variety of reasons they are not a for […]


Welcome to March’s Residential Market Report, where we cover the following topics: Key Statistics Residential Market Overview Transactions Regional Review ‘Why buyers need an estate agent now more than ever.’ RESIDENTIAL MARKET REPORT   Contact us today to find out more.

Why Are There So Few Portsmouth Homes For Sale?

• 43% drop in the number of properties for sale in Portsmouth in the last 12 months. • 1,467 Portsmouth homes have sold (stc) in the last three months alone, taking the time from the ‘for sale board’ going up to sale agreed to a median of 27 days. • The £200k to £300k price […]

Why buyers need an estate agent now more than ever

You are ready! All the pieces have come together and that dream of being a homeowner is in arm’s reach. The game plan is in place, you have the key property portal apps downloaded, you have set some email notifications so you never miss a thing. Yet, with all the planning, there is one key […]

Selling your home? Start with sustainable decluttering

When you open that door to your first home, or your next home, you never know how your life will  change during your time there. One thing we know for certain is that inevitable collection of stuff that starts to fill every drawer, cupboard and room in your home.  When you decide to place your […]

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