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The 27,691 ‘Trapped Landlords’ of Bristol

Going into lockdown in March, the Government proclaimed a ban on tenant evictions, pledging that no tenant in a private rented home, who had lost their wages due to Covid-19 would be kicked out of their private rented home until the late summer. Fast forward to August and the press were being briefed as late […]

Long Live the Planning Permission Rule Changes

The 1st July 1948 heralded a new dawn in how property was built, as the Town & Country Planning Act 1947 came into force, meaning no property could be built without the say so of the local authority. Now, Boris Johnson has announced a substantial change to that, by in effect, ending planning permission.   […]

Bristol OAP Homeowners to Face Coronavirus Tax Bill?

The Government is on track to borrow £400bn because of Coronavirus and that needs to be paid back at some stage. Last year alone, before Coronavirus, the Government brought in £824 billion in taxes whilst they spent £887 billion, meaning they had to borrow £63 billion. In fact, the last time taxes were higher than […]

The architectural beauty of where you live in Bristol

Like every town across the country, Bristol is an insight into how the area has evolved over time.  Every street, whether filled with period properties or contemporary homes, tells a story.  You may be the first owner of your property, or one of many who have made your house a home.  Driven by our needs […]

What’s Next for the Bristol Property Market?

There is no doubt that Coronavirus will affect the Bristol Property Market, but just how?   The ensuing economic challenges are going to impact the Bristol (and UK) property market, yet no one knows the real answer. The newspapers eulogise different opinions, but that’s all they are – opinions and everybody’s got a different opinion. […]

Bristol Property Market – the Last 10 Years

One of my Bristol landlords contacted me last week, after he had spoken to a landlord friend of his. He told me they were deliberating the Bristol property market and neither of them could make their mind up if it was time to either sell or buy property following Covid-19. His friend said he would […]

The Bristol Post Lockdown Property Market

What have we learned in the first month? From talking to most of the Bristol estate and letting agents and our own findings, it might surprise many of you that new enquiries from homebuyers, tenants, landlords and home sellers have been at record levels since lockdown was lifted from the property market in mid-May. There are […]

50 ways to kill your Bristol home sale

The last few days has seen the lights come back on for our high street, as non-essential shops have started to tentatively open.  We are still doing things with caution and distance, but slowly and surely life is starting to open up a bit more.  This confidence can also be seen in the Bristol housing […]

Why it’s a fantastic time to search for your new home

In this new world we find ourselves in, with the country in lockdown, many of us furloughed, and social distancing becoming the norm, it may seem a very strange time to start the search for a new home.  You might have been thinking about moving before the pandemic but have now put your plans on […]

Five unwritten rules for buying a home

You may be on the hunt for your first home or decided to move up or down the housing ladder.  There are many things to consider when searching for a property, but have you thought about what is the right etiquette?  To prevent you from slipping along the way I wanted to share with you […]


Labour Party’s U-turn on the £175,984,200 grab on Penarth landlord’s wallets Well, with the General Election just over the horizon and having been asked by a number of Penarth homeowners and Penarth buy to let landlords what the different main parties would do to the local property market, in this week’s article we focus on […]


Appointing the right estate agent for you and your home, is an important decision and one that could affect the entire process. Let me try and assist and give you some ideas as to how get the right agent for you… The right individual for you – A great way to ‘try out your agent’ […]

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