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Is This the Beginning of the End for Buy to Let in Bristol? 

Is This the Beginning of the End for Buy to Let in Bristol?  …. and should Bristol landlords & Bristol homeowners be worried?   In 2019, the private rented sector accounted for just over four and a half million households or 19.9% of UK households, no change from the year before. Interesting, when compared to […]

50 ways to kill your Bristol home sale

The last few days has seen the lights come back on for our high street, as non-essential shops have started to tentatively open.  We are still doing things with caution and distance, but slowly and surely life is starting to open up a bit more.  This confidence can also be seen in the Bristol housing […]

Are Buy to Let Landlords Really to Blame for Bristol’s Housing Crisis?

Isn’t it funny that nobody boasts they are a buy to let landlord anymore? Roll the clock back to the early millennium and you couldn’t go to the local golf club or shop at a Waitrose without someone dropping buy to let into the conversation as easily and as often as the weather.   Yet […]

Is This a Good Time to Buy Your First Home in Portsmouth?

Should you wait to buy your first home in Portsmouth or buy now? What sort of mortgages are available? What sort of deposit is required? These are questions all Portsmouth buyers are asking at the moment, yet this week I would like to focus on Portsmouth first time buyers and what it means directly and […]

How the sun can help sell your home

With warmer temperatures being enjoyed across the country at the moment, we have certainly been loving how the sun seems to put a smile on everyone’s face. Lets face it we need it right now too.  Even with the typical British complaints of it being ‘too hot’ everyone seems to have been making most of […]

How staging can tell the story of your home

You may have heard of the term ‘home staging’, especially if you have sold your home before.  Basically, home staging is the art of presenting your home in a way that immediately attracts potential buyers. It is more than decluttering, cleaning and organising; it’s about transforming you house into a potential home for someone else.  […]

What Will Be the Effect of Covid-19 on the Bristol Property Market?

So now we are only a matter of a couple of weeks into lockdown, yet can you believe it I am still speaking with agents from all over the UK, and I do not jest, properties are still being sold and let even in these unprecedented times. Yet I would like to address the question […]

What is gazumping, and how can you stop it happening to you?

You’ve started your journey looking for a new home in Bristol. After viewing a number of properties, you find it, that dream property that you can’t wait to call your own.  The offer is in and you nervously wait by the phone to see if it’s accepted.  As you’re celebrating and starting to picture how […]


Welcome to the March market report, where we cover the following topics. To read the full report, please visit; THE RIGHTS, OBLIGATIONS & RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE 19,648 BRISTOL LANDLORDS & 48,530 TENANTS DURING THE VIRUS OUTBREAK The last three or four weeks, unquestionably, have been one of the most lifechanging times we have seen […]

The tale of how to find your ‘just right’ estate agent

The tale of how to find your ‘just right’ estate agent Let us share with you the story of the Goldilocks family and the three estate agents – you might think you know the story, but there’s a twist in the tale.   Should you be looking to sell your home, we suggest that you take […]

How we are adapting our estate agency NEXA Bristol to stay open

A week of progressive announcements from the Government started to change how we ran our business, and then, with the announcement of a ‘lockdown’, traditional estate agency changed overnight.  Our branch in Bristol has had to close, yet that doesn’t mean we are shut altogether.  As with many businesses up and down the country we […]

How to survive if you must work from home

We are in unprecedented times; with things seeming to change by the hour, it is hard to predict what will happen next.  Some employers are asking people to work from home, you may have even decided to self-isolate due to health concerns but want to keep on top of things even if you’re not in […]

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